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DIY Soffe Tie Dye Shorts and Tank

By The Soffe Team 8 months ago

Welcome to Soffe DIY! We all have a bit more time on our hands lately and no where to go, so we had a little fun interpreting tie dye on some of our white Soffe gear. We tried two different techniques, one being a gradient dip dye effect, and a linear dip dye pattern. We wanted to try the linear dye on both a short and a tank top. First, we gathered all our gear: a bucket, cups, gloves, dye, and clothes. For the dip dye process, we filled the bucket with hot water and followed instructions to determine the amount of dye to water ration (although frankly, we poured roughly two cap fulls in with the gallon bucket). Make sure you get the short thoroughly wet before dipping in the dye as this helps control the absorption and creates the gradient look.

Once the short is wet, you can grab your bucket of dye and slowing start dipping the short in the water. You can submerge the short as far as you want the dye to reach leaving some white at the top of the short. From there, you slowing dip the short up and down, while each time allowing the bottom to remain in the water the most.

Once the short has achieved the overall gradient look you want, you can gently rinse in cold water and let set for a few hours. We let our set overnight in a plastic bag and then placed in the washer on gentle wash or delicates and this created the final gradient look.

Note how white the top of the short is, along the waistband to start, but once we washed the short, the gradient really took hold and now the short has a nice flow from light pink to a more saturated pink at bottom.

Now, for the next short and tank top, we tried a linear dip dye. For this, we gathered three plastic cups and placed water and dye in them. We grabbed some rubber bands and tied off where we wanted the colors to be. Then we carefully dipped the shorts and tank tops into the dye making sure to rotate to cover all sides.

For the short, we decided to use two colors and tied off four sections. It turned out in a circular pattern with hints of white throughout! Once washed, the colors blended and became a bit more diluted into soft summer colors. This picture above is the short after washing.

For our tank top, we tied off 3 sections and dipped the tank top into each color. The white appears where the ties were and creates a cool break between the colors. The purple at the bottom of the shirt is from the tank top setting (we placed in a plastic bag overnight before washing while wet) so be mindful that there can be color transfer. This picture is after garment was washed.

The process was super easy, and didn't take much time at all. So grab some dye and some white Soffe gear and show us your pics!

The Soffe Team.