soffe adult 50/50 military tee 3-pack

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The 50/50 Tee features our famous reinforced double-stitched neck to retain shape. It’s made of a soft jersey blend, but strong enough to withstand the tough and elite standards of the U.S. Military. Sold in packs of three.


  • Men's / Adult Unisex


  • Fabric made in USA. Assembled in Honduras.

  • Durable and soft to the touch
  • Neck retains shape after washing
  • Sold as a pack of three tees


  • 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester Jersey
  • 4 oz. / 136 GSM

Style Number

  • SKU:M280-3



"great, but sizing has changed"

I have some old brown mediums that were the perfect undershirt. I've had them for almost 8 years and they still fit great and i've had no issues. I needed some black undershirts for my new command and got mediums again but they are much larger than my old ones. If you are looking for an undershirt that is close fitting but still comfortable consider sizing down.

Great shirt

I still wear my shirts that I purchased in 2006. I have about 10 shirts and only one of them has a small hole in the back. Very sturdy/durable and well constructed clothing.

These have replaced all my other t-shirts!

I've been wearing your t-shirts now for 12 years and I still love them. The fit, feel, thickness and durability are great. Will continue ordering more in the future.

"Not bad, but ..."

the 50/50 blend is good, but when compared to the 100% cotton offering by Soffe, it pales in comparison. The fit isn't quite the same, nor is the soft feeling.

Worth it

Great American quality for very little money. I could wear these every day.

Something changed

I've been a huge fan Soffe shirts for 10+ years. The comfort was always there and after every wash they return to their original fit. Reason I gave 4/5 stars is because the last 2 packages I bought in Coyote for the Multicam uniform, the neck part of the shirts seemed to be wider which makes it sag/droop when worn. Hopefully this gets fixed.

Awesome shirts!

My son was a Marine during the initial invasion in Iraq. He was issued Soffe made t-shirts and I found one here at home and started wearing it.I couldnt believe how comfortable it was so I got online and ''Got me some''.. I will never buy another name brand t-shirt again but SOFFE..!!!

I should have bought these a long time ago

These will be my go to undershirts from now on. Quality build, comfortable, long enough to tuck in & I presume these will last a long time.

Strongest value for money

Fits perfectly doesn't fade

Great shirts

The m280 are great shirts the 50/50 poly cotton are far better than there 100 % cotton new shirts, it would be nice if they still made brown and black , these shirts have a cult following and soffe is dropping the ball by going down to two colors and losing money !

Looks good.. Meets my soldiers needs and requirements.

I purchased several packs of these t-shirts when I was in the Corps and these have to be the best t-shirts that I have ever purchased EVER. I purchased 5 packages of these in Olive Green when I was a Lance Corporal back in 1996. I still have the majority of the shirts (a dozen) that are still serviceable after over 20 years. I wore these shirts almost every day of my enlistment and to PT for my entire tour. I also wore them for years regularly, casually and when I went to the gym. Two things you should know:(1) The color NEVER fades(2) The necks NEVER get stretched outIf you're going to buy gear, make sure it lasts and these t-shirts will last you for years to come. They don't have to last you 20 years but, they will definitely last you longer than any of those ''cheaper'' alternatives.

Excellent Workout Shirt

These are my favorite shirts hands down First wore them in the marines. Still have 3. I'm ordering some right now


I wish to ask if you could apply an EGA to the left side chest area to these tee shirts Several years ago I bought some of these (SKU M280-3) with the EGA. Very comfortable in hot humid weather. I believe if you offer these tee shirts withe the EGA every Jar Head I know would buy them up.I have one of my original Tee's, my favorite-paper thin 4-5 years old, with an EGA imprint on it-Good gear!Think about it-Semper-Fi

great product

I would purchase again with a coupon.

These have replaced all my other t-shirts!

I initially ordered these over a year ago and they quickly replaced all my other t-shirts as my daily and gym wear. They fit perfectly and the neck is tight and doesn't stretch out. Wish I would have found about these years ago! My year old ones are still holding up despite me wearing them every day. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a quality t-shirt with great fit wash after wash.

"Great product, need other color."

The quality of these shirts are great. Comfortable and fit perfectly however, I ordered tan which should be a brownish color. The shirts I received were more green and don't quite match my uniform.

I'm back to tees

I originally was exposed to Soffe in the Army and loved them then. So here I am wearing a shirt I was issued ten years ago and its still soft and as good as day one and what brand was trusted by the Army then and now? Soffe thats who! I bought a couple huge orders lately because of the excellent quality and longevity of their clothes and apparel. I spent around 400$ in last month on here because I know everything I bought will last many years and still look good in ten years unlike Hanes, fruit of the loom and other even big name clothing and apparel companies. Buy with confidence

Do-everything t-shirt

I initially ordered these over a year ago and they quickly replaced all my other t-shirts as my daily and gym wear. They fit perfectly and the neck is tight and doesn't stretch out. Wish I would have found about these years ago! My year old ones are still holding up despite me wearing them every day. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a quality t-shirt with great fit wash after wash.

Tee Shirts

I have worn these for 20 years. They last and last.

Best T-Shirts EVER!!!

Recently I bought these shirts and expected nothing but the best. While the quality is high and they are nice, the collars sag. After washing them nothing changed and I now have horrible bacon collar. I even bought a medium, being 62'' they are tight everywhere but the neck and they look horrible. Im very disatisfied with the product.

3 pack t-shirts

I wore the long sleeve sand color shirt with my ACU uniform for years and thought the transition to Soffes tan (to go with the new uniform) would be a smooth transition but unfortunately not. While the overall fit is good, the neckline is noticeably lower than my previous Soffe shirts.


My husband has loved these shirts since his Marine Corps days. He maintains they are the only shirts that are loose enough around his arms to be comfortable. Since he works out on a daily basis finding shirts to fit his arms is practically impossible. We love that we are buying from a pro-military company too!

Perfect Multicam shirts

Have shopped this shirt a third time. Why? Reliable quality, a shirt you truly can wear in a hot weather enviroment, together with a poloshirt, for eample.

Greatest T-shirt EVER.

I wore these while I was in the Marine Corps. Hands down, the best t-shirts made. I still wear these shirts everyday for working out. Some of these shirts may date back to the late '90s, early 2000's! That's a lot of use for very little money. And to top it all off, they are the best fitting and most comfortable shirts I have ever worn. Some of them are getting to be quite thin and yet still not a stretch, not a stitch, not a tear. They appear as if they will last another decade's worth of hard use.Amazing.

flash back to the Military T's I love soo much

High quality Military grade T's that are serving Honorably world wide

"Reliable Quality, made in the USA"

Can't beat MilT's for their lightweightness; first bought Soffe's in 1980's to make organizational/club Tshirts for our Bowhunters of Rhode Island's fundraisers. Those original designs I nade are still being worn by our longtime members, including us, now many states away from RI. My husband's outside work needs lightweight, breathable fabric in Spring & Summer, even Fall. These are his favourite shirts because they are light, kept good shape & held their size, resisted all pilling and those annoying tiny tears in knits that today's water-deficient washing machines break down our clothing with. I am so glad that Soffe's survived all the tragic American industry events and is still providing the best in casual wear; what America lives in ! I am bringing my loyalty back to them because their products & sales integrity earned it. Thanks

I finally found these

Definitely picking up more in the future; they're so comfortable and breathable.

good work shirts

I use these around the house...excellent and comfortable.

Bring back black and white option

Best tees I have ever owned. Sadly there are no options for black or white anymore. Understandable since I don't think they are required colors for military anymore but I feel high and dry without the option. I have tried all other options available on this site but none are the same. Either the fabric is too heavy or they are 100% cotton which isn't the same. I could probably settle for the navy blue if it were available in my size.

I love them

I bought these shirts for my husband. He thinks that their the best shirts that I ever bought him. They are very comfortable and long and the shirts last forever. Will never buy anything else. Thanks!!!

Best work T-shirt

My favorite shirt. Holds shape way better than the 100% cotton version. Bring back the Army Brown color for the Navy guys!

Aggie mom
Still the best

Like many other military folks who have made comments, my husband was devastated when the Army PX/clothing store quit carrying the Soffe OD green t-shirts. He says that my finding and purchasing hi beloved t-shirts was his favorite Christmas present!

Greatest tees

These tees are simply the best! Not too heavy and uncomfortable. And, first time ordering on-line and service was outstanding.

Excellent fit

The shirts fit more like a xxlarge and the necks are way to big. Almost like someone stretched them out. I would not order this shirt again.

Great Shirts

Years ago I purchased a shirt similar like these, from Alstyle, at a swap meet. I returned for more only to find out theyve discontinued their performance line. They were a secret find by military personnel in San Diego.The seasoned buyers of these Soffe tees may be correct about the quality in the neck line for all I know. To me these shirts are perfect. The build quality & fit. These will be my go to undershirts from now on.


I don't know what has happened but the t shirt quality is not there anymore, they are thin the neck stretches out, just all around a bad T shirt now days . I read a comment about someone having them since 1996, n oway can you do that with the ones you make now

Paw T
Tee shirts

Best tee shirts I have ever bought. Very comfortable and long, they tuck in easily and stay tucked in. Very durable. Will never buy anything else. Thank you.

"Love Soffe, but..."

Had 1 of these shirts left over from my Army days back in 97, and while it's going on 20 years old aside from a small hole a the black turning a bit blue these shirts have stood the test of time under extream conditions. I just ordered 2 packs to wear with my jeans, best t-shirt for any price.

Quality & long lasting

I purchased these for my husband who serves in the US Military. They are the perfect fit and color for his uniform. They really last a long time as well.

The Best Shirts I have ever owned

I bought these T shirts in the mid 1980's and they were soft, with tight necks, the ones they make now are not near as soft and the necks are wide at the opening, will not buy again.


Best ts you can buy! I have 3 or 4 different brands of sand ts in my closet and they only get worn if all my Soffes are in the laundry. Theyve been my favorite for going on 12 yrs now.

Outstanding shirts worth every penny

Wearing the same green tee that served me in the military 15 years ago. My name is still stamped on the collar. It's not just sentimental, these tees are the best around. They just keep lasting. My collar is still tight, and I wash my shirts once a week on a hot cycle and with high heat in the dryer. No color fade either. I only came on here to buy a couple in black. All the other t-shirt companies suck. Seriously.

"Great quality, not tan like they were supposed to be "

I started buying this in 2006, and I even still have a couple from that year because of how well they were made. Sometime in the last 5 years they changed the manufacturing process and now they are just as bad as dukes... the fitting is not the same, the feel of the fabric is rough and thinner, and they are somehow less elastic because they dont maintain their shape as much (they look a little stretched out even after coming out of the dryer.


Great shirts, have owned them before

Great fit and value.

The title says it all.

Best shirts you can buy!

Have been wearing these cotton teen for many years. First purchased these tees many years ago because they had the EGA on the left chest. Wish they still came with the symbol of the Marine Corps. Very comfortable in hot humid weather.

Army Brown

These shirts are comfortable but the inconsistency in the sizing and the neck seam make me regret this purchase. The neck seam is the biggest issue I have with these shirts, they are way too big causing the shirt to droop really low while wearing under my uniform. I am constantly adjusting the shirt trying to pull from behind to get the front of the neck to actually show. Very disappointed.

Awesome Shirts!

Amazing, that's all I have to say. I've been wearing these shirts for years. They last a long time and I wear them to work out, weld, daily wear, etc. I hope they never stop offering them.


excellent for the cost

Quality tees

I have a drawer full of these shirts because they are the best shirt i have found for whatever the day may bring. I wear these casually and for high activity. They are light enough for hot summer days working in the yard, and they breath well enough for active hobbies like ski touring - where soggy cotton shirts create hypothermia risk. Sure, there are high-performance technical shirts that might perform better - and if you're like me, will disappear just when you need it, but for the cost, these are the best shirt I've found for doing everything.I also have a long torso and tshirts typically shrink lengthwise to the point of being unwearable. These do not. Please don't change these shirts.


Great to find these online! Husband has been in the Marines for 13 years and these are his favorite. They quit selling these at the PX forever ago. So he's been rocking the same shirts for YEARS! They last for forever but it's time to get some new ones.


These shirts remain as my go to outside working shirt. Theyre light but not flimsy. You can wash them hundreds of times and they still look and feel new. And they are cool in the summe!

best t-shirts

Ive worn these shirts for many years while in the Marines and years after. Recently bought a 3-pack to restock the supply and was left disappointed. The shirts shrunk after the first wash and are wider than they used to be. Just not the same fit anymore.

Paw T

I still have my original issue Brown Soffes from the Army. They were issued in 1998 and you can't tell they aren't brand new. I picked up several packs about 8 years ago in different colors and the only reason I have to order more is because nails put holes in several of mine. These are hands down the BEST t-shirts out there. I know it seems silly to get fired up about t-shirts, but these are awesome. Worth every penny!

Great shirts

I sweat a lot when I run and lift. I thought I would try this shirt to see how it held up and wicked perspiration away from my skin. It excels in both departments. Highly recommend you try this shirt for your next workout.

Only sand T worth buying!

Hanes and Fruit of the Loom got nothing on these tees. They're great as undershirts, working out, or just on their on own to relax in. They fit well and are very durable.

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