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The iconic Ranger Panty Shorts are made of loose fitting soft tricot which won’t snag or run. They feature an internal liner and pocket for keys or ID. Also known as 'The Silkie', these shorts have remained a favorite of the United States Military for decades. Discover what all the talk is about. There is only one Ranger Panty. Accept no substitutes.


  • Men's / Adult Unisex


  • Brief liner
  • Inside key pocket
  • 2" (M) - 2.25" (L-2XL) inseam


  • 2.5 oz. 100% Lightweight Nylon Tricot

Style Number

  • SKU:M020



Verified Buyer
Excellent Shorts

These shorts continue to live up to their name. Lightweight and great for just about any outdoor adventure or athletic event. Hope to see these shorts continue on and the addition of new colors introduced for the fans.

Verified Buyer
Brighter Colors

I would like to get a pair of Silkies in Orange please

Verified Buyer

The only thing more manly than a small pair of motivating olive drab silkies would be a pair or small (or extra small) HOT PINK silkies. PLEASE make hot pink! PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE.

Verified Buyer

I am 29 years old. I saw a pair left in my gym thought they looked nice at first sight so I took them home, washed them, and I felt like spider man Loved them. instantly . Bought my own pair and am going to buy more, they feel so good and so comfortable , who ever designed these , thank you. I am gonna be buying these through and through . Thank you ad yes I LOVE THESE SHORTS! you will too,

Verified Buyer

I sleep in these. Just enough support but still allow movement. Also keeps me cool while asleep. They are so comfortable that I have given my best friend 5 pairs and he loves them too.

Verified Buyer
Rangers awesome

Awesome I was not sure what size to get, so I ended up buying a small and medium in multiple colors up front. One of the best investments I made all year absolutely love these. Absolutely recommend.

Husband wears almost everyday except in winter.

My husband has been wearing these for years to run in and also do the yard work. We live in North Carolina and it is quite hot here in the summer. He runs everyday and wears them everyday

Ranger Panties

I love the feel of these. Light and airy perfect for the hot summer weather. I wear for swimming, sun tanning and lounging

Great Item

These shorts are the right fit and size for me to wear in my early morning walks/runs through the neighborhood. They are super light and soft; they wash-up nicely and are dry so very quickly in the dryer. I couldn't be happier nor more pleased.

Love them!

While technically these are athletic and lounge shorts, I've found they also make great underwear. I've ditched my usual trunks in favor of these because they are so soft and comfortable.


I love these shorts. Can't have too many. Perfect for sleeping or lounging around the house.


Love the silkies. run, swim, work out, so comfy,very fast dry.

Billy B.
My new favorite shorts!

These are my favorite shorts to wear around the house and if you really want to show off your quads, just sport these bad boys at the gym. They feel like I'm not wearing anything at all. I ordered a pair of the women's version for my girlfriend and she loves them too!

Great Shorts

These are great shorts. Perfect for runs, workouts, yard work or just lounging around. I wear them all the time.

Ranger panties guy
Ranger Panties

Since I joined the Military these babies here have been my choice of underwear. I use them for morning PT, and everyday underwear. Im glad they came back.

Necessary piece of kit

Proven to improve combat effectiveness by at least 20%


Absolutely love these shorts, I pair them up with a jockstrap for workouts. Otherwise they are the best, I've worn them since bootcamp.

Great Shorts

Started wearing these when the price was $6.99. I have to wait for them to go on sale and then I buy 12. They wear well and fit my needs.I recommend them to anyone who runs or just want some comfortable shorts to wear as underwear.

Great fit and feel

These are just what I wanted. They are perfect for running on hot and humid days. The fit is amazing, I forget I have them on.


I wear these year-round. In the winter months, they're perfect as undergear and in the summer months, they're awesome as shorts. I always sleep in them as the most comfortable sleepwear ever. Please make them in airborne maroon!

Most comfortable shorts around

I'm active duty Army. We used to be authorized to wear these and they were the most comfortable pair of shorts you will even own. They're good for running, rucking, lifting, etc. I own at least 5 pairs and I wear them all the time. Underwear, just shorts, whatever. You won't regret owning these.

Best Buy

Was looking for ranger panties and researched Soffe. Best buy that I have made.Would definately buy again.

Mr. Nashville
These are Very comfortable and look great.

These are Very comfortable and look great. The fit is true to size. I just wish they came in white.

Great running shorts. Love the new colors

I've been wearing these shorts for running for the past 8 years or so. I like everything about them, especially how they allow full range of motion and aren't constricting at all. I also like that there are more color choices now. Only one thing I would change: the inner brief could be a bit less baggy.

Good for everything shorts

I wear these for everything. They are great to work out in, run in, sleep in, hang out in, swim in and as underwear. Once you wear these you will never wear anything else. Nylon fabric is cool, comfortable, sexy and dries super fast. Get these shorts you won't be unhappy.

Great company and great fit

Been wearing these amazing shorts since we were first issued them in 2004 and love them!

plane 53
I have always bought and worn these shorts. I buy the mens because I find them more conforable than the ladies. More room in the crotch area for me!

I would highly recommend these to everyone that's a runner or a walker. I wear theses everyday in the summer. Can't have enough.

Joe Louthan
These are not the shorts I deserve but the shorts I need!

This are now my go to training shorts.6'8'' and squating and deadlifting in normal hella long shorts suck, to say the least.When I squat in these shorts, I have no worries that my shorts are stretching out because they got caught weird inside of my hips.They ride up over my glutes no problem.Deadlifts are where it is at. When I pull the bar, all I have to worry about is the bar coming up over my thighs, not fighting long basketball shorts in the process.Thank you for theses shorts!

More colors in medium

Love these and am in need for black, army green and especially the grays.... gunmetal


I bought these shorts because of the Instagram boss babe @MrsSweendog and I'm obsessed. I love them for cardio and lifting! During cardio I dont have to worry about them riding up, bunching, or camel toes. And for lifting they have the built in underwear so I dont have to worry about anyone seeing anything when I'm leg pressing or on my stomach. And they are stretchy enough to do squats/deadlifts/stretching. Definitly Definitly going to buy more!


I love the way these fit, feel and perform. They fit so well, you dont waste time fighting with long baggy shorts. They feel so comfortable, its better that anything else. They perform far more excellent than other heavy, bulky, drag you down, slow drying, annoying long shorts. I love the freedom these shorts give. Its like letting the lion in me out for a true workout.

Great product at a great price

Received an email for 50% off. I took full advantage of it. Replaced all of my Ranger Panties with new ones. Feel like a new man.


These are great, I have using them for over 20 years. And they last, I have 8 pairs that are over 10 years old. When you dry them in a dryer use low heat and they will last.


Love these shorts. Get numerous compliments when wearing them. Please make them in airborne maroon!

grat shorts but need bigger sizes

Very comfortable shorts. I bought three pair and wish there where other colors available in 3xl.

Incredibly comfortable

Have you seen the movie Braveheart?Just before Mel Gibson was gutted, what did he scream on his last breathe? For a man, that's precisely how they feel down there. I wonder how this feels for women?


I love the newer fabric.

These are awesome!!!

These shorts are so comfortable! Theyre great for running or lounging around home. Highly recommend them!

Knot Tyed
More comfortable than any boxers I've had before.

As others have said, these are the most versatile shorts ever worn! Swimming, working out, or just as underwear, they're great! More comfortable than any boxers I've had before.My first pair had come from another source, but when I noticed the Soffe label, I ordered them directly from Soffe.And they were less in price too!


Please make these in maroon (airborne)!

Versatile shorts that last forever

I was issued these shorts in the USMC and still have several 8 years later. (Obviously theyre of high quality and design.) Because of the quick drying and lightweight characteristics, I turn to these shorts for all kinds of uses: workouts, under fishing pants, warm weather hunting (as boxers), camping (so you can bathe without stripping down) etc.

Great Shorts

These shorts are very comfortable. a bit shorter than id prefer, but they are still very comfortable to wear around the house or to work out in.


Best shorts ever, we would wear them under our digital signal and still do in the civilian world. Love the variety of colors.

Essential PT and Field Gear

Keeps you dry, supported, and chafe free, whether patrolling or pt-ing. Even works for civilians and pogs.

I love them feel great with my tool!

I like being with aguy and being in our silkies!


These things are the most comfortable shorts I have ever put on


Only if the Marine Corps Exchanges would still these, that would be awesome.

Great running shorts

Great running shorts, very breathable.

Troy in NC

Discovered these at Saigon Sams in Jacksonville, NC a few years back and have been using them ever since. Only OD green and black sold there so I'm glad to find them in different colors here. The most comfortable running shorts ever. My kids make fun of me because they think I'm running in underwear (they work as underwear by the way). I remember seeing the Marines run in these 30 years ago when I lived on base. I guess they knew a good thing.

Excellent and well made

The Ranger shorts are excellent for any activity. Gym wear, yard,and running to name a few. I have always been please with the first pairs I purchased and will refuse to wear other shorts. Thank you for a great product offering amazing comfort, and style.

Good and comfortable

I only wish I knew about these years ago.They are comfortable and well made.For exercise and sitting around the house.I have used them as underwear.Why not?These will last a long time i am sure.I wear the large and there is plenty o room for my manhood.Nylon has it's advantages for sure.

Marathon Bill
Versatile Comfort and Value and Style

I've been wearing these shorts for a few years now., and I have to say that these are so versatile for almost any athletic training, whether running, yoga, weight training or just about anything, these are extremely comfortable and durable. The no nonsense high cut style with the silky smooth nylon looks and feels great on me, and I can't say enough good things about how well they function, because you'll feel like you're not wearing them at all. For more intense physical workouts, I pair them up with a lightweight runners type jockstrap, which works well with the thin brief liner. They are so easy to wash and hang dry, and they are my favorite 'go to's' for almost any situation.

Very Comfortable

My mind was blown by how comfortable they are. Cool and lightweight material. only downside is I REALLY wish they would come in more colorways.

Pistons look Swole

These shorts are absolute game changers when it comes to hitting full depth squats. Nothing makes the ladies stare other than my big veiney quads sporting these beauties. These shorts have probably got my laid over a dozen times.


Super Quality soft great fit and cool on my walks and runs will buy many more would love to have some more colorsTHANKS SOFFE

Silkie D

Good Day America,These tricot thigh liberators are guaranteed to get you wife or your girlfriend pregnant the second your special lady lays eyes on the glory that is your upper thighs.Trust me, I'm now a father of two.

Love these

Ranger panties are the only way to fly. I just wish they came in Airborne Maroon.

Love these shorts!

I have been wearing these shorts for more than 20 years. I love them. I'm a 5' 3''/102# woman and the men's small fits great. I remember when they cost $5.75 per pair...missing those days. Thank you for bringing back red but please bring back the royal blue, black and gun metal colors, though. Thank you!

I'll be ordering two pair from AMAZON!

I'd rather be naked outdoors, but when I can't, this might be the next best thing!

Would recommend to anyone to wear during run.

This was my first order I enjoy the comfort during my run.

Perfect in so many ways

Just made my second purchase. These are my go to shorts for working in the yard, just being around the house. With and the heat and humidity that we have they help me stay cool and comfortable. And they are the perfect shorts for working on my tan.

"Bought 3 in 2012, Used Them 6 Days a Week, Lasted Until 2017"

I used these as underwear and workout shorts for 5 years. They only now just started falling apart. Not only are they the best 'MERICA MAN panties in the world. They are made of quality materials and last for quite a long while. You'd be lucky to get 1 year out of a pair of shorts. I got OVER 5 out of these!

Silkie Fiend
Awesome Shorts

I have several of these shorts, variety of colors and love each in every pair. They fit great, feel great, and look great. I wear them running, swimming, sleeping and as underwear sometimes. Like wearing nothing at all.

Private pushup

I used to laugh and joke about ranger panties and people who wore them. I always considered it a gag when my platoon sergeant cleared rooms in them or showed up to pt in them. Boy was I wrong. As soon as I put them on my leg press instantly increased by 200lbs and my 2 mile time went down by 3 minutes. It felt like my package was being cradled by the soft feathers of freedom. Definitely buying more of these.

Best shorts ever.

So good, they are often stolen. The suspect is known to be a female, that strikes in the morning, just hours after meeting the proud ranger panty owner. Wear these with combat boots and everyone knows you mean business.

Super Sexy Shorts

These shorts are the most comfortable I've worn. Many companies buy these to add their logo, but when you check out the inside label, they're Soffe through and through! They're very comfortable for working out or for just relaxing around the house. Buy a few pairs and enjoy them while they're at such a great price. You'll be glad you did!

Great stuff

I have 6 colors, black to orange, love them! I have a 32 waist. Ordered medium they were too big. Ordered small, perfect. I cut out the lining on all of them, makes me love them even more. They are very revealing without the liner and works well for me, i.e. Good looks and bad looks. A very good conversation starter.

"Great, but where are the fun colors?"

I love these shorts. I loved them when I served and I love them now. I wish you guys would get more colors back in. You used to have some bright, pink, etc... Are you going to be getting more colors in soon? I keep checking and waiting. Thanks

Love these shorts

These shorts( Ranger panties) are so comfortable! Wish I knew of these years ago.For exercise or relaxation they do the trick.Finally a light weight smooth pair of shorts,even the waistband is good!

Ranger Panty

Super comfortable and very versatile. I bought three pair and cant wait to get more. Only negative is I wish they had a draw string.

Jim Danger
So you wanna be hardcore...

THE ORIGINAL SOFFE MENS RUNNING SHORT.Dubbed ''Ranger Panties'' by the hardcore professional asskickers of the United States Army, these high-speed, low-drag, 100% Nylon Tricot beauties are the stuff of military legend.Anybody who's anybody among the people who report to US Special Operations Command (and also have beards) are 100% guaranteed to have run, rucked, swam, and bearcrawled countless miles, chafing (if not puke)-free, in the 2.5''inseam short.Sporting an elastic waistband and inner lining, which controls everything well, the technology doesn't exist to hold in smells. Fortunately, they are machine washable, so you can wash out the mud, sweat, and weakness.If you get off to doing 4-count flutterkicks while a disgruntled staff sergeant sprays a gardenhose in your face, you already own these shorts. If not, then you need to buy these shorts. They are guaranteed to make you show more leg than you are probably comfortable with, and pending studies show that they are responsible for a 20000% increase of badassery and dontquititude among wearers.You can find these shorts at your local Military Installation or for less than a pack of disposable razors. But you should get those too, cause if Cadre sees facial hair on the PT Field, it's more 8-counts.The count is Zero.

Nice comfortable shorts.

I am curious why the medium are not offered in the light grey or white.

Love the hot pink ranger panties

I was so happy to see my request for pink range panties fulfilled, and such a hot pink. The really are exactly what I wanted.

Great Product.

Great product. Authentic, fits well, comfortable and durable. You can wash and air dry overnight so they are great for travel. Perfect for under clothes or to swim and/or run it.

Great Shorts

Just now starting to wear out the ones I bought many years ago. I use them for everything from running to house wear to underwear when going for a doctors appointment. Confortable, versatile and long lasting, great shorts!!

Big M
Ranger panties

I love beasting around the gym in these joints! My girl loves the tan I get on the thighs, and I feel like quadzilla in these mugs! I got almost every color

Two thumbs up!

These shorts feel amazing. Would love to see them in desert sand color too.

Love love love

I love how comfortable they are! Lightweight and perfect for hot summers in Texas!!!

Still buying them and still loving them

You may of noticed I have about 4 reviews here and can't say enough about how great these feel.Just ordered (2) more gunmetals as i like them in all my vehicles for easy access.

"If Jesus was a tailor, not a carpenter."

These are all I wear. They are comfortable, virsitile, fashionable, and tailor made to support you but not bunch up. If people wonder why you are in 70s basketball shorts, they don't understand, and are upset because they are wearing insanely uncomfortable underwear. Do yourself, your boys, and your thighs a favor buy 1 pair. If you aren't satisfied you probably eat well done steak or enjoy making small talk in elevators.


I love these shorts. They are great for running and lounging around. I cut the liner out and they are even better.

"Exactly what I was looking for. My ""old school"" running shorts."

I am using these as underwear and the ''infantry shorts'' as a swimsuit and workout short. Extra length perfect so that I do not have to change in to a swim suit to swim, modest for the gym, not too much drag and comfortable in the water.The ''ranger panties'' I am using for underwear. Spent most of my life in cotton briefs. Now that I am in Florida full time found that ''cotton gets wet and stays wet'' so this meant bad news for my crotch.Tried tech long briefs but found them tight. I always knew I had them on. Hot. And they did not separate the package from the groin.Tried one pair of ''ranger panties'' found them perfect. Not conscious of wearing them, separated the package and groin and can wear around the house and my wife does not object.Order ten more on this order. Now my only underwear.Just teases me about wearing ''women's'' underwear. Good naturedly of course.


I started buying these shorts a few years ago. I love them. I love that I can wear them anywhere. But more importantly my wife loves when I wear them as she likes looking at my legs.

Silkie Lover
Best Shorts Ever!

I used to wear these under P.E. shorts. Great to have on when you're changing into PT gear in public. I found them so soft and comfortable and quick drying, I wear them now as underwear everyday. Nice support, awesome color selection, and just can't wear them out. So glad that they've made a comeback. Keep those colors coming. Sky's Out, Thighs out.

Love the military silkies Hot for fun and play!

Men Invest in silky shorts hot! John A Clifton,NJ

Happy Customer
THE best shorts around

I have been wearing these shorts for years after a Military buddy let me try a pair of his. I have a bunch of them that I use for running / workouts and lounging around. They hold up great and are the most comfortable shorts you can buy. Buy a few at a time when they are on sale. You won't regret it. They are short but if you are in shape they look great. A bunch of guys at my gym have started wearing them for workouts after asking me about them. Try em out for yourself.

Great shorts for a comfort and style

Been wearing these to the gym and for lounging. Almost like wearing nothing. Can be a bit revealing. Feel especially soft and smooth

Great Shorts

I had some of these shorts since the 90's and they are still going strong.

Excellent product

These shorts are very comfortable and I use them as swimsuits.


Met these silkies during my time spent with the Rangers(Hooah) retired and still wearing them ever since...tried other imitation and they just cant compare with the originals from SOFFE..


Outstanding kit and the absolute best customer service on the planet!


2 Colors for Large. Are there plans to expand? Ned some bright colors. Skies out, thighs out!

As Advertised

These shorts are as advertised. Look great. Very comfortable. I ordered two pair gunmetal and tan. Gun Metal is top notch. 5 stars. The size on the tan was a little bit smaller. My skin is tan, so they were almost flesh tone. If I wear them with no shirt on, it looks like I'm wearing anything, so that pair is a little too much wear around the neighbors!


I'm a college competitive swimmer. I pull these on en route to and from the pool. Just pull them over the speedo. They're perfect!

Great versatile panties

I can wear these for underwear under jeans when hiking and also for swimming at the creeks. Once the jeans are off its hard to put them back on because these silkies feel so great and airy. I don't mind them drying off as they do support well. Usually just wear them for the remainder hike.

nice short

at first the inseam concerned me, but the cut of it makes it acceptable in the gym and they are lined so there's no issue of exposure. they're really soft and though the inner, right-side pocket is small, it's appreciated. great for leg day workouts. definitely recommend if you're looking for leg freedom.

Runner 5719
Great product!

I looked all over for these shorts. Since I'm only 5'6'', all those baggies hang down to my calves and make running Unfun. The Soffe shorts are comfortable, light and short enough to let my legs move freely when I sprint or just run. All my old ones were worn out (some at least 10 years old) and I'm glad I found these. And they don't cost a lot!

Miguel A
Best shorts ever!

I love these shorts! They are comfortable and move so well with your every step and workout. I never have to worry about bunching up when I run or pulling when I squat a set. They are true to size. They hold up extremely well after multiple washing. Excellent short to wear in this Texas heat! I currently have 8 pair and will be getting more.


These shorts are just amazing. I love the lightweight quick drying fabric. I am tall and very thin... 5-11, 148lbs. I have many pairs of these in both medium and small. Both fit well and I wear the different sizes for different reasons. I'm a long distance runner and do a ton of weight training.I work out a lot at work so while I prefer a size small, the mediums are more work appropriate from a visual standpoint. This is especially true depending on the color. At any rate, I love them and glad I found them a few years ago. Customer for life!

Orange is gone

Super bummed that orange is no longer being made!! I would love to find out what fabric was used to produce these.

Perfect shorts for any occasion

These shorts are the best all around shorts available! They're durable, lightweight, and thin enough that I've even worn them under business-casual clothes. I own a dozen pairs in OD green that I used to wear in uniform day and night when I was in the Corps. I also bought 4 or 5 in black that I wear running on the track and trails.You should know they're very short, though, so treat them like a pair of boxers unless you're doing PT. There's an internal lining of the same material, kinda like swim trunks. The pocket on the inside right is really just a key pocket. You can squeeze an ID in there if you really try, but it's going to be uncomfortable as soon as you start moving. There's no way you could fit a phone in there. I recommend an armband for phone and ID, or you could stuff them in your camelback.Silkies rock!

They fit perfect feel and look amazin

I usually dont wear shorts this short but I figured I would give them a try. I love them. I ordered two pair. I want more. I wear them all the time. They look great feel great. I am addicted to them like women are addicted to yoga pants! I highly recommend getting a few.

Best Running Shorts I've Ever Owned

The Soffe authentic Ranger Panty is the best running shorts I have ever owned. Its versatility is unparalleled I wear them for runs, for underwear, et al. I guess you could call them the Swiss Army Knives of shorts. I had a few pairs of these at my disposal when Hurricane Harvey rolled into Houston and they helped during clean up and on those nights where no power was available. Traveling up to Seattle for a conference I made sure to pack a pair for each day just in case I wanted to get a run or workout in. I highly recommend Silkies, and as a 36-year-old male I am not afraid to show off my thighs. Let them stare; I don't care.


These are awesome and very comfortable for around the house or hiking! I am glad I bought two pairs.


very comfortable and light. great for exercising, swimming, etc. Great product

Awesome Job!

At first I wasnt sure what to expect from these shorts. I saw approximately ten other deployed military members wearing them and I wasnt sure why until I finally started wearing them. They felt super comfortable. Very cool and refreshing. They dont keep you sweaty in areas you shouldnt be sweaty. Definitely A+ Thank you Soffe for continuing this brand name infamous pair of shorts. Would definitely be interested in seeing variations on the style with the same construction of material used. God bless.

Best Shorts Ever

Simply a great product. Soft, comfortable, indestructible. Very disappointed however, to learn that many colors once offered have been discontinued. Get them while you can!

Product Sizes

I have purchased The ranger panty when I was active duty and I continue to purchase this item now that I am retired. Question, is it not available in 3x? As you should know there are some big guy's out here. Retired MSG Dave Miller

Great Shorts

These are the comfiest shorts made. I wear them as underwear during the day and often theyre all I wear at home. When Im ready to run after work I just take off my clothes pull on my shoes and go.However, you quit selling the bright colors. They were fun and good for safety. Im sure the current colors are regulation, but they are boring and match the color of asphalt. Please bring back the bright colors.


These things are awesome. Super comfortable. I ordered three pair and Im about to order another three. Great price for a fantastic product

Highly recommended. Great fit and super comfortable.

I've purchased the Ranger Panty previously and really liked how they fit. Obviously I'm back for more. Highly recommended.

great shorts

great shorts

"Soffe shorts are superior in terms of appearance, comfort, durability, and value."

I have obtained numerous pairs of your shorts and compared with other brands, Soffe products are superior in regards to appearance, comfort, durability, and value. Please offer white, cardinal red and yellow.


Most amazing shorts EVER!!! Love them! So comfortable, flattering! Love them for strength training and cardio!!!

Great for Running

I wear these shorts while I run. Great for handling the sweat issue and allowing air too keep you cooler.

My go to everything shorts

The best shorts to own. Use the as underwear when in the field. For exercise, lounging, swimming and just for looking dead sexy, these are the best shorts ever. Sad the USMC ban the use of them for unit PT, but it won't stop me from buying, owning and sorting on the reg. long live the silkies ! ! !

Great fabric and cut; The liner could use some re-work

I like the fabric - light, cool, comfortable. The cut really works well for guys like me who are shorter - I'm 5' 8'' - and have a hard time finding any shorts on the market that don't go over your knees. I think a version with a liner that was more supportive - like a jockstrap or a snug pair of good briefs - would do well.

Twenty years and my wife finally made me throw my old ones away!

These have been my only running/walking/knockabout shorts for as long as I can oldest pair is now at least 20 years old. They are soft, light, they fit well, wash easily, hold their shape, and seem to last forever. And they cost a LOT less than those fru-fru running shorts at the sports stores. They are a little shorter than is fashionable these days, but who cares? It helps with cooling. And summer in Texas (which lasts from March till October) requires all the cooling you can get! My rule is, ''If you have to wear anything, wear Soffe ranger panties!''

Comfort and Versatile

Most comfortable underwear in my lifetime and converts to PT wear. I thank the Rangers (Rangers Lead the Way) hooah! Over 30 years ago for introducing me to these shorts and exclusively made by SOFFE. All other brands no comparison in stitching, elasticity, and longevity wear....Ive had a pair over 15 years until I had to move to a bit larger size.

Just what I was looking for!

This item is just what I was looking for! Would like many more colors though.

30 years and counting

I was issued these 28 years a go at my first team. Loved them then, love them now.

Freedom of movement

Great running shorts. Freedom of movement without the drag of excess fabric flapping all over. Price low enough to purchase plenty so you always have a fresh pair available.

Great shorts

Great shorts for working out, yard work and around the house. Theyre a little too loose for me to run in, but a nice length. Wife loves em!

I am a woman that has been wearig these shorts for over 20yrs. I' glad that they have added a few new colors this year. I workout I walk everyday and no one that they our men shorts. And who cares. Thank you.You keep making them and I'll keep on buying th

I am a woman who has been wearing these shorts for over 20yrs. I'm glad that they added new colors this year. I work out, walk, do gardening and no one knows that they are men shorts. You keep making them and I'll keep buying them. Thank you

I want all 6 colors in large

I have a few pair from the 70's nylon tricot shorts rock for your tool ! They feel great a big turn on sometimes especially being uncut, John 201-757-2709 Clifton NJ

"Fern fron Quebec, Canada"
High quality product......

Great quality product, I use them for my bicycle ride, and also for underwear, better then all those underwear that you find on the market those are the best on the market, and also a very good choice in color to.....

Please make them in airborne maroon!

Please make them in airborne maroon!

great shorts

I've worn these since PT years ago. Comfortable, last forever, dry fast, Nothing else beats these especially for the price. I've tried these newer synthetic dry-fit and other catch phrase sales pitch shorts from other manufacturers but simple is perfect. I wish there were a few more colors though and matching tanks or t-shirts.


I have worn these Soffes for over 5 years and recently recommended them for a buddy of mine. He has been training with a personal trainer from head to toe and is bulking up fast. His legs are getting huge, so I purchased 3 pairs for him for squats and presses. They stretch yet retain their shape in all his workouts. He already is looking to order more for errands and pool time. He's my height but I ordered a large for his leg bulk and they fit him great and look great. His trainer likes them too! I ordered a few in large also to try them out and they fit me very well, but still prefer the smaller coverage of the mediums for my build. Perfect here in Florida!

Just a dude...
Worldwide Awesomeness

Worn these on every deployment...nothing better. If you don't own them, you're living wrong!

very comfy

I have worn these in place of traditional underwear for more than 15 years. love em

Good Lawd that's freedom

With material sourced from angel's hair, you'll feel more comfortable in these than free fallin' through rainbows with Tom Petty

Best running/workout shorts

These are the best running and workout/gym shorts. Very light weight, breathable material. They are very well made. They never fade or lose their shape even after several, several loads in the washer. Plus, no smell like the other brands. I am a loyal customer of the very trusted product.


THESE ARE WHAT MENS SHORTS SHOULD BE-Nylon fabric is lightweight but durable- after a ''dry'' workout- they work as swim trunks- also more practical than what is considered ''fashionable.'' The only negative is that they run a bit large- I have a 32-33 waist and the SMALL is still a bit large. EXCELLENT VALUE!

Nokneel McMerica
"Sky is out, Thigh is out"

Rain, shine, wind, hail, sharknado, nothing can hold you back in a proper pair of Silkies/Ranger Panties. Sport them and sport them proud let the world know that the legs are muscle group that should not be ignored!! Don't let anyone tell you they are inappropriate! they have a liner.

Ranger Panty comfort

Been wearing these for years and just feel in love with the new colors The gunmetal and grays really look great


After stealing my fianc's ranger panties forever i thought it was time to get a pair of my own. i bought these and the womens version and the mens are still leaps and bounds better!

"Awesome, most comfortable shorts Ive ever had."

Really glad to see these back in stock. Have worn these for over a decade for everything including exercise and recently reordered when I found them in stock again. Great for everything and most comfortable shorts Ive ever had.

"My wife hates them but I wear them everyday, often in public."

My wife hates them but I wear them everyday, often in public. Sky's Out, Thighs Out!

Carmelo Bianif

My boyfriend and I are thrilled I found these on-line. Much like the old style Dolphin running shorts but better.Feel great, look great!Fantastic!

llove these shorts

I have been wearing these shorts for years. I prefer the men's over the women's only because it gives a little more room in the crotch area and you don't seem to sweat as much.

Comfortable and versatile

At first, I was skeptical about the 2-inch inseam. But after seeing all of the positive reviews I decided to try a pair. I now own six pairs. They're so comfortable and soft. They're great for many different uses. I wear them for lifting weights, swimming, running, and sometimes just hanging out around the house! Embrace the inseam.

5 Stars

Always comfortable, best shorts for anything that comes up


These shorts are beyond comfortable. I wear them the gym, at parks, to mow the lawn, grocery shopping, even on dates. I recommend air drying them to increase their longevity.

Bob L.
Light but durable

I agree with all the reviews so far! I've been wearing these style shorts for 20+ years and they hold up impressively well to LOTS of washing. Eventually the elastic gets weak (after years), but boy do I get my money's worth out of all of them. They hold their color well, too. Use them as underwear, in hot tub, at the beach, jogging, and yard work mostly. They are lightweight and dry fast, so they prove very comfortable when working on a hot day. Cotton just gets wet, then more uncomfortable. The panty lining is great, too. These shorts are in fact ''short'', so you'll be showing off your legs for sure. I'm so glad they are still made after all of these years! I only ever snagged a few from yard work on bushes, but it did not ''run'' at all. In essence then, these ranger panties are comfortable, well made, and durable--period.

"Great Fit, Love them!"

Great fit, very light and cool against the skin, like you're not wearing anything at all, Love them! Will definitely order more, hopefully in more colors!!! Thank you Soffe!

wear them for workouts - have several ones

soft, easy to maintain

Best of the Best

I wear only these all of the time, everywhere, alone or under shorts and pants. The best of any other short I have worn. They dry quickly, they are warm and they keep things where they belong. Yes they are short but Comfort and versatility is the thing here, when hiking, swimming, running, biking or just around the house. My wife loves them also, got her a few to try and she now acknowledges just why I love and wear these all of the time. I am 6 foot and 225lbs. and 2xl are perfect. Wife is 5ft 100lbs and med are perfect. We both Love the liner and waist band.

Great shorts!

I love the shorter cut of the Ranger shorts! The built in brief provides light support, but you may want to wear a jock or briefs for really good support. Great for lounging at home or by the pool as well.

Loved these shorts since the 90s

These are the most awesome shorts I've ever owned. They hold up well and I have pairs that are nearly 20 years old now. I love the new colors!

Ranger Panty

pros: lightweight, fast drying, perfect for training, great base-camp night wear.cons: a 2.0 version without the liner is needed. less restrictive.

The best running shorts in the world.

I've been a runner for literally 50 years and found Soffe about 15-20 years ago. With a large database of previously bought shorts behind me, it took almost no time to realize these were the best I had ever encountered. To my mind, Soffe (Ranger) shorts have no equal...true since before the running boom happened in the 1970s. I would like the pop blue color brought back, though.

Good Product

I buy about 8 pairs every year and wear them as underwear. That is all.


Very comfortable I wear them a lot in the hot Texas summers


I started running in the 1970's....yes I am an old newbie I found soffe first ''real' running and orange..wore them out...have run in most of the ''running shoe'' brands as well as Sub4 ( out of business) BOA (equivicol, but expensive)...but these are superior...could you all consider developing a ''split'' version...?? Then life would be good......

Forgot how much I loved these shorts

Wore these for PT in the Corps and after I got out I'd stopped using them. Finally picked some up recently and instantly was reminded of how well these even work as regular underwear. Time to start stocking up!

Excellent & Comfortable

These shorts I discovered on an Airforce base in Texas quite by accident. That pairs liner finally wore out, so I researched the tag in the shorts and found out about even more. These shorts are light weight and very comfortable to do long distance running in, and hold up very well to many years usage. The original pair lasted 8-10 years and expect the new pairs to last the same. The way I maintain these is to wash with like/similar clothing and I DO NOT tumble dry. I usually hang on a towel rod or something similar and extend their lifespan. My only improvement I recommend would be a larger key pocket.

Excellent running short

I've worn these for over 20 years for all my exercise activities. Now, whenever I wear any other shorts to work out in, I miss my Soffe shorts. They are extremely comfortable, with no chafing and the proper amount of support built into the liner. I highly recommend these shorts if you are looking for a great workout.

LOVE EM ! ! !

I absolutely LOVEEEE these shorts for working out! They keep you cool and arent constantly riding up like so many of the ''crossfit'' style shorts that are so popular. Im a female but I LOVE THEM and I had to have them so I bought em and have zero regrets (; just wish some more colors would restock soon in size medium!

Outstanding performance shorts

I use this whenever I work out and they are light, dry quickly, and feel great! They feel too light to be as durable as they are and provide the sense that you forget they're there. I would like to see a draw string installed to tighten it up around the waist for water workouts.

"Fernand (From Qubec,Canada)"
Very impress about that Soffe product.......

It's the first time that I buy Soffe product, 100%nylon tricot military running short on line and not the last time too on an another website page on (AMAZON.USA) because I'm a Canadian resident and you (SOFFE USA) don't ship at this moment in Canada, and you should do it, my first order was 4 pair, and I re-order 6 more pair a week after my first order from AMAZON USA again, after that I saw the good quality of that product, and also after the first washing, they came out like the first time when they arrive at my door. I was very surprise about those running short, very soft and silky nylon, very comfortable too, the feeling it's like that you don't wear nothing at all, even the inside liner so comfortable too, it look's like measure made, and it's stay in place too ,and not in the plumber crack, it's the first time that I see that, and you should up to 3-XLARGE size too for big men ,and also in all different color like you competitor in about almost the same product, and it's better to wear those instead of regular underwear too, because the personnel jewelry stay inside liner too, and also dried off very quickly and also keep their size too, if you following the washing instruction too, and I will give you a washing tip, to all SOFFE customer just put your nylon running short a in nylon mesh laundry bag for washing, they will last much longer that way and also use the delicate cycle too, and soft soap,and no chlorine at all, and hanging on the clothes line for drying too. Definitely I recommend that product to all the men that looking for something soft to wear for running or other activity,or under their jean's too it's definitely a very good quality keep in your listing all the time with some more color too.

Mens Soffe shorts

I love these. Im 52, athletic build and the smal fits exactly how I want. Theyre pretty short, bc I have a large rear but they dont show buttcheek. So comfy.

Love these shorts got a lot of them want more!

I live in Clifton nj 201-757-2709 I love to wear these shorts for reason of being uncut! I feel like a free bird. It also sometimes gets a little erotic and excitable!

Love these for the gym

Best gym shorts. Ive been training hard lately and these have been amazing. I sweat a lot so the light and thin fabric is perfect for keeping me cool and not weighed down. I have sensitive skin thats prone to cysts and ingrown hairs. That problem has almost gone away completely since Ive been using these for training. I used to wear supportive sport briefs and was worried that the liner in these wouldnt live up to what I was used to but I actually like it better because it provides support while allowing some movement which can be good while working out. The movement can cause an issue to ''spring up'' when going fast on the elliptical so modest guys should steer clear.

Good quality - great price

Very good quality without a lot of useless doo-dads. Perfect shorts for serious runners

Great short...take out the liner!

I have 4 pairs of these...all ordered on the Soffe site. Love the short, thin material and it keeps me cool. I take the liner out when I receive them, it's too restrictive and overly modest... Great product and garment, but would be even better if they offered them without a liner.

These are awesome!

I love these shorts. I use them for working out (crossfit) and around home. They are extremely comfortable, and I love how they look and feel.

"Fern in Quebec ,Canada"
High quality product.............

Wear it around the house, making my housekeeping too, I also wear it as an underwear they are more comfortable then regular men underwear, try it ,and you will see that they are much more comfortable.

Total satisfaction

Awesome comfort for any task. I have five pair, and I'm ordering three more. Intelligent clothing!


I love the ranger panty. It gives me maximum flexibility and keeps me cool. The material is light and breezy, and I like the color. I have had a lot of stares since I wear them all the time in public and at work, but this is the first summer that I have had short shorts (couldn't find them anywhere else) and I can actually enjoy summer now! I'm NOT a hot weather guy! Michigan is nice, but the humidity is not.

Classic comfort

Most comfortable shorts ever. Live in them all summer!

Great Product

I've been wearing this style and product for over 10 years. Always has been a great product and the wearability is comfortable, light weight and durable.

Girl that loves Ranger Panties

Ok So I am a female and I love these!! I got my first pair from a friend and I did not realize that they aren't actually shorts!! I knew they were for males, but I love wearing them instead of wearing Nike Shorts now! About to order more!


I wear nothing else in the gym.

Gym guy
GREAT for everything

I ordered these hoping they would work well for leg day, but I found they worked great for EVERYTHING. Leg day was a success and my errands were a lot easier to accomplish wearing these. They fit great and they dont ride up, everything stays where it should. You will love these.

5 stars

Ive worn these for the last 15 years now. Bought them in the military and I now work as a ff/medic and there is nothing that comes close to how comfortable they are. They also do not restrict my dexterity. Soffe Im glad to see you have yet to let me down. Thank you so much.

Most comfortable shorts nade

I too was introduced to them in the military. They have been my favorite running shorts and underwear for years.

"Great Shorts, Versatile"

Great shorts, use them for sports and as boxers. Comfortable, look sharp, reliable.

Great style

I have 5 pair, 33 waist, I bought medium but had to reorder size small. They fit and look great. The fabric feels wonderful against my skin, I cut out the liner and increased the look,feel and fit without having to wear underwear when I'm at the gym,backyard or out and about.I don't know if they are supposed to be sexy but they sure are.Very, very sexy!

Enjoy the shorts

I have enjoyed the shorts...ordering for my brother now.


I have few pairs of these, and love the. I normally wear a large short but for these I get a medium. The feel against your skin is soft as if you are being caressed. Good for mowing the yard, hiking, hanging out or just as underwear. You will not regret buying a pair or three.

Best Running Shorts

Female Soldier here - My unit ordered these shorts for everyone. I was a bit skeptical when the males were so enthused about these shorts, but after 5 years of heavily wearing these shorts, its time to order more, and Im delighted theyre still available. Theyre still my favorite running and lounging shorts! Im ordering more in every color I can find.

Girl who loves these

Yes, I am a girl that wears ranger panties..... I got these from a roommate who's ex got these for military PT. I wore them for a run once on laundry day and ended up loving them so much that I am now ordering more pairs! They are the perfect length for women (little short for men in my opinion) but I love how lightweight they are and how quickly they dry!

Awesome Shorts

I ordered 4 of these bad boys here and made the mistakes of buying 4 from Rouge... come to find out, they use the very same shorts except Rouge stamped their name on the side... although they are the same shorts it cost 4 more bucks than here.

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