The Soffe Difference: Three Reasons to Choose Us!

  • Value - quality active wear at an unbeatable price
  • Free Shipping on orders over $60
  • Convenient Ordering & Support - chat online or speak to a live representative

Soffe Apparel embodies the quintessential American lifestyle, tracing its roots back to 1946. Our mission is simple: to provide essential activewear staples for individuals and families across all sports and activities. From shorts and t-shirts to performance shirts and hoodies, Soffe manufactures a range of quality garments that prioritize both comfort and affordability, empowering you to reach your goals with ease.

At the heart of Soffe's legacy are two iconic shorts that have stood the test of time. First, our original Authentic Cheer Short has remained a beloved choice for women and girls involved in cheerleading, dance, or simply hanging out with friends. These shorts, affectionately known as "turn downs," have become staples in countless wardrobes, characterized by their versatile waistband that can be folded over.

Another hallmark of Soffe's lineup is the renowned silkies, also fondly referred to Ranger Panties. Initially designed for military personnel during physical training, these shorts have transcended their origins to become a go-to choice for workouts of all kinds. Renowned for their toughness, durability, and reliability, ranger panties are now embraced by everyday men seeking performance and comfort in their activewear.

Soffe's commitment to crafting activewear extends beyond mere functionality. Our garments are designed to empower individuals in every aspect of their lives. Whether you're channeling the spirited energy of a cheerleader or embodying the disciplined commitment of a soldier, Soffe clothing is tailored to ignite your passion for inspiration and service.


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