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The modern concept of how and where we exercise has changed. We are no longer alone in our dedication to health and happiness. Today, we demand a shared experience — working out in groups, rather than on our own. We share our goals, our motivations and our successes. Soffe knows The Strength Is In Us and is proud to be a leader in this new movement.

Soffe's legacy began in 1946, when it first hit the scene as a distributer to military exchanges and college bookstores, and we've never looked back. In the ensuing decades, we expanded our focus to include activewear for all types of athletes and exercise. In 2003, Soffe was acquired by Delta Apparel Inc. (NYSE MKT: DLA), and this partnership helped further our growth.

As of today, Soffe has positioned itself as a market-leading, all-American lifestyle activewear brand for men, juniors and children. And it has done so by staying highly attuned to the ever-changing landscape of athletics and exercise.

The Soffe juniors' line continues to find inspiration in the brand's cheerleading roots — a sport defined by what a group of women can do when they work together — but has expanded its vision to include must-have apparel for yoga, dance, running and more. Be sure to check out our hot new performance segment, which features technical fabrics and trend-driven fashion influences.

Soffe's men's offerings are still rooted in the military — another example of what a strong sense of community and togetherness can do. This line is tough, durable and dependable, and it is designed to channel America's original athlete: the soldier.

And because team sports are the gold standard for working together, Soffe offers Intensity by Soffe, which is focused on outfitting sports teams. Soffe takes the latest styles and combines them with on-the-field sensibilities to create smart performance uniforms, practice gear and accessories. Learn more about Intensity by Soffe at

Soffe has a diverse distribution network that includes all military branches, big-box sporting goods and specific department stores. Soffe is also represented in a strong network of independent sporting goods stores, team dealers, screen printers and schools.

Soffe Headquarters

One Soffe Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28312

Soffe listens to what the markets want. In turn, Soffe supplies:

Basic active apparel to sporting good dealers and department stores Rugged, easy-care high-performance knits to military exchanges A huge range of sizes and colors to college bookstores and school outfitters

Standards of prime quality to resorts and private branding customers

From yarn to label, Soffe knits, cuts and sews with experience and attention to every detail. Special flourishes get artists' attention in Soffe's vast in-house customization department. The craftsmanship is apparent in each screen print, embroidery and appliqué embellishment.

Soffe fabrics include:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Cotton / Poly Blends
  • Nylons
  • Dri-release's high performance knits

Soffe makes sizes for the whole team and for the entire family including; Toddlers, Girls, Juveniles, Youth, Juniors, Women, and Men including Big and Tall.

Soffe Address
One Soffe Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28312