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The Ranger Panty

The Ranger Panty
By Jess 2 years ago

There is so much to be said about our Ranger Panty/Silkie Smooth shorts that I just don't know where to begin. We could talk about how they feel (as if you are wearing nothing), how they perform (favored by the elite), or how they are used for great causes (like raising awareness for Veteran suicide prevention)... but first I need to mention the reviews.

This short has received over 3500 reviews on Amazon. That is a stunning amount of people that went out of their way to write a review on our short. On one short! More can be found on our website, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... And when I am having a bad day, or hitting a creative mental block, I read Ranger Panty reviews. Because they are hysterical, patriotic, and awesome.

The Ranger Panty was originally developed as a running short. Made out of our lightest weight nylon and featuring a key pocket on the inside, it became an instant favorite as a classic running short. It was adopted by the Marines and known as the Silky Smooth till is was deemed too short to be worn as physical training apparel. I recall this short on Special Forces teams as they ran through base for their morning PT, jumped in the pool for some laps, and then back out to finish their run.

While technically banned as official gear, that has not stopped the Marines from loving the Silky and still buying it, or trying to rally behind it to have it re-instated as the physical training short. Whether the official short or not, one thing is for sure - ours is the original. Its the badass, thigh revealing, breeze loving, cult classic. And we love it most, when it brings everyone together for a good cause. Like Irreverant Warriors and their Silkie Hikes. Where the idea is to get together, go on a ruck, raise awareness, reduce the effects of PTSD and prevent veteran suicide.

So let's raise a beer, to the perfect short. Call it Silkie, call it Ranger Panties, ... we call it perfection. And we thank you for loving it as much as we do.

Photo credits: Soffe Men's Instagram