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Personalize Your Soffe Shorts: DIY Marble Pattern

Personalize Your Soffe Shorts: DIY Marble Pattern
By Natalie Johnson 2 years ago

The authentic Soffe short is made of 50/50 cotton/poly jersey, which may not sound all that interesting, but what you should know is that it's the ideal fabric for transferring paint! We wanted to try a bold marble print on our shorts today and share with you how easy it is to personalize your shorts with this pattern. Grab your smock and lay down a tarp, because it's about to get a little messy!

Step #1:
Grab each of your paint colors and squirt the desired amount of each in a cluster.
If you prefer a little more of one color, don’t hesitate to use more than the others.
This is your personalized style!

Step #2:
Crumple up your plastic bag and dip it in your paint cluster.
This is going to act as a stamp for your marble print.

Step #3:
Start stamping your Soffe shorts with the paint-covered bag,
covering as much of the fabric as you like.

Make sure you have enough paint, but not so much that the colors blend together,
taking away from the marble effect. An extra bag on hand may be helpful for cleaner stamps.

We want to see your designs!
Upload your marble print and tag #MySoffeStyle on social media for a chance to be featured.

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