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Soffe Authentic Ranger Panty

Soffe Authentic Ranger Panty

Soffe Authentic Ranger Panty


SKU: M020

  • 2.5-oz. 100% lightweight nylon tricot
  • 100% nylon brief liner
  • Ranger Panty
  • Running short
  • Liner brief
  • Inside key pocket
  • 2 - 2¼ inch inseam on all sizes
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  1. HuntUSMC

    I was issued these shorts in the USMC and still have several 8 years later. (Obviously they’re of high quality and design.) Because of the quick drying and lightweight characteristics, I turn to these shorts for all kinds of uses: workouts, under fishing pants, warm weather hunting (as boxers), camping (so you can bathe without stripping down) etc.

  2. plane 53

    I would highly recommend these to everyone that's a runner or a walker. I wear theses everyday in the summer. Can't have enough.

  3. Knot Tyed

    As others have said, these are the most versatile shorts ever worn! Swimming, working out, or just as underwear, they're great! More comfortable than any boxers I've had before.
    My first pair had come from another source, but when I noticed the Soffe label, I ordered them directly from Soffe.
    And they were less in price too!

  4. tmrrwswvvs

    at first the inseam concerned me, but the cut of it makes it acceptable in the gym and they are lined so there's no issue of exposure. they're really soft and though the inner, right-side pocket is small, it's appreciated. great for leg day workouts. definitely recommend if you're looking for leg freedom.

  5. Debilcorn

    These are all I wear. They are comfortable, virsitile, fashionable, and tailor made to support you but not bunch up. If people wonder why you are in 70s basketball shorts, they don't understand, and are upset because they are wearing insanely uncomfortable underwear. Do yourself, your boys, and your thighs a favor buy 1 pair. If you aren't satisfied you probably eat well done steak or enjoy making small talk in elevators.

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